Industrial equipment

Primary Incubation
Clean eggs primary incubation is a very critical point of the vaccine production process. This stage demands machineries specifically studied to lower the contamination risks. Built with similar concept of the secondary incubation machines, the primary incubators are produced using modular design patterns, to be adapted to the customer's capacity needs. Every trolley has its own control, to insure the perfect positioning of the eggs through this critical phase, in order to have homogeneous embryonic development in the correct position for inoculation.

Secondary Incubation
To focus on its core business and better respond to the request of its clients, BHI started manufacturing incubators in all the pharmaceutical sterile classes (A-B-C-D). Also, the innovative solution of manufacturing an incubator on a "Modular System", grants BHI clients to buy a machine flexible in size, through time and space. The modular incubator that BHI produces guarantees an impressive embryos homogeneity that reflects directly with an high impact, on the production results' of BHI clients.
Sanitary barriers are a main issue for BHI Product Development Dept. that focuses on the easiness to disinfect the equipment. Prevention of contamination is demanded inside any vaccine plant, that is why it is imperative to use single stage flow, that allows a deep disinfection in between of cycles. Single stage, together with high quality material that must be durable through time, reliable and not damageable by chemicals and disinfectant, comply with the needs of the pharmaceutical industries .

Homogeneity Guarantee
BHI guarantees a +-0,5° C spread inside the room, when at full capacity (the capacity vary depending on the model).

Integrated Cooling System
The "Integrated Cooling System" eliminates the transfer of the eggs to a separate cold room. This, not only impacts the space needed in the site, that is reduced by the incubators that becomes cold room, but it also dramatically reduces the risk of cross contamination with other batches. Last, there is a reduction of direct contamination as well, since less personnel becomes in contact with the eggs. The integrated cooling system has a condensation control inside the machine, and environment homogeneity is consistent through the cooling phase as well.

Basic incubators
BHI's Incubators are manufactured following a modular design pattern. This allows customers to buy a standard model adaptable in different capacity. The focus on the customer's side should be the batch size. To take away the cross contamination risk and to improve the homogeneity development of the embryos to have higher quantity of vaccine per eggs inoculated, there is the need to have one batch of production in a unique machine, a unique developing environment. Therefore, we produce different sizes of modules that can be combined for a customer needs. This is our answer to have a standard model (the module) for different capacity necessities.

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