Laboratory equipment

1 . Classified area incubators
We manufacture incubators in class A for laboratory production, that can be placed in classified areas without any structural intervention to the laboratory. In other words, the incubators can be placed in a room and the air that comes out of the incubator is HEPA filtered.
In addition to the standard incubators model in class A or lower, we produce the Lab Vaccine Machine, which is the small version of the bigger unit, where we can go to the next step of production in the same machine. As a matter of fact, this machine serves also as the cooling unit to stop the embryonic development. The LAB'S EQUIPMENT (producible in any sterile class) is realized with the same materials and controls of the high capacity equipment, in order to reproduce in LAB version, the very same homogeneity ensured in the production plant.
Same safety rule is adopted thanks to a "Trolley System" which allows the incubators to be emptied through disinfection cycles.

2. Basic Incubator
BHI lab's incubators are realized with the same materials and the same industrial control that are installed in a 500.000 eggs incubators.
Behind this decision stands the idea that during lab application it is necessary to reproduce the same homogeneity level and easiness of cleaning that it is normally reached in full production industrial equipment.
We manufacture small equipment with the same care and the performances' benchmark of the big one. The cleaning concept is the same of the industrial size with the 'trolley system' which allows to empty the incubator for total cleaning and disinfection.

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